For Sale Scm Morbidelli M100

CNC working center 5 AXIS

Work areas
The dimensions of the X-Y axes are 5510×1620 mm

Vector speed X-Y axes m/min 78 (ProSpeed)
Z axis panel passage mm 180

Routing unit
Engine power (max.) kW (HP) 12
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
Tools available on the tool changer (max.) 44

Drilling unit

Independent vertical reels 13
Independent horizontal reels 10
Rotation speed rpm 8000
Integrated blade in X, diameter 125 mm

0-90° blade unit

Engine power (max.) kW (HP) 2.2 (3)
Rotation speed (max.) rpm 6000

Additional routing unit

Engine power (max.) kW (HP) 4.5
Rotational speed (max.) rpm 1800
Vacuum pump: 250 m3/hour
4 parts extraction unit
Front side reference bumper for 8 beams
4 vacuum half-spaces
Permeable panel width of 2210 mm

Location: Hungary 5324 Tomajmonostora, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 13.

The price is 89 000 euros

Machine Guide:
CNC working center 5 AXIS
morbidelli M100
Serial number:
w.d. 29LO459932E
Year of manufacture:
novelty (used)
Operating time: